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Belmont Abbey, Herefordshire


9-11 August 2019


A wonderful opportunity to retreat from the world, meet with other men and to create space and time for God the Father in  prayer and reflection.


We will spend time with the monks, slotting into their liturgical day and hearing their experience of being men set apart from the world. We will consider how we can bring something of their peace and structure into our own lives.


Importantly, we will have time to get to know one another and build up good friendships with other Catholic men.


And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding,

will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.


Cost - £25 for the weekend (including meals - and accommodation if staying in one of the 6 rooms in the monastery)


Timings, other than arrivals and the monks' liturgical day, are approximate may be subject to small changes.


Friday evening


17.00 - Early arrivals

18.00 - Vespers


Followed by evening meal


20.00 - Compline


Followed by social time




6.30 - Vigils and Lauds (optional)

8.00 - Breakfast

9.30 - Late arrivals/Introduction

10.00 First talk and reflection

12.00 - Mass for retreat attendees

13.00 - Lunch

14.30 - Second talk and reflection

16.00 - Holy hour with rosary and confessions

17.00 - Free time/tour of the Abbey

18.00 - Vespers

19.00 - Evening meal

20.00 - Compline


Social time/drinks




6.30 - Vigil and Lauds

8.00 - Breakfast

9.30 - Mass

11.00 - Third talk

12.30 - Lunch



Testemonies from previous CMUK events


It was a great experience and I think it’s woken me up to the real need we all have for Catholic fraternity.


I haven’t really experienced a sense of that fraternity like it before, the only similar experience has been visiting male religious communities but this is different of course and there is something powerful I found in witnessing a number of other laymen, husbands, fathers sharing on striving to be more virtuous and ultimately Christ-like.


Aside from learning and sharing on the realities of our nature as men the significance for me was in the experience of being with other brothers in the faith, in prayer, conversation and social time.


Every man I met, though in a different stage of life and on a path they are discerning for themselves (and perhaps for their families), clearly loves God and the Church and are looking for and to be more, Deo Gratias!


If you’re seeking greater fraternity, encouragement and a sense that Catholic masculinity is something to be fostered and savoured  I would highly recommend to all!"


6 basic rooms are available in the monastery at no extra cost. Please let CMUK know if you would like this option.


There are also 4 single and 3 twin rooms available in the guest house, Hedley Lodge. Please contact the monastery to make your own booking.


There is no obligation to book a room at the monastery. Feel free to make your own arrangements

* Required
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Welcome to our first retreat for CMUK: Wales and the Welsh Borders!  


Please register your interest below and Sam Baker or James Kirkwood will be in touch with more details, including how to make your payment. The cost for the retreat is £25, including meals. Accommodation is free if staying in one of the 6 rooms in the monastery. However, it may be necessary, or your preference, to book your own private accommodation. Numbers will be limited to around 20.