Men’s Testimonies

Testimony: Andrew McDermott – an Old Soldier and his Walk with Christ

I have had over the years long periods of separation from my wife, and have, in between bouts of fighting cancer, experienced – painful to admit it – a kind of belated midlife crisis, with all the typical desires: to be young and healthy again; to be more active and more popular; to escape the inevitable call of the grave, the one certain thing that waits us all. One other thing that can hit you, as you become a reluctant old man, is a desire for an adventure, a desire to escape the boring, to rage against the new-fangled nonsense of modernity and the bleakness of individualism. Continue reading Testimony: Andrew McDermott – an Old Soldier and his Walk with Christ

Testimony: Khenz Rodgers

I was baptised when I was young, though as a teenager I didn’t practice the Faith. I had no thought of going to the Church, or to the sacraments. Although my life seemed fine to me, I became ill during my time at college. After a while, I began to ask questions and one of these questions I sought to answer was, does God exist? Continue reading Testimony: Khenz Rodgers

Testimony: Ben Wright

I want to be a good spiritual father to my boys. They will look to me for a model to follow. This means being prepared for life. Physically prepared – exercise and diet; mentally prepared – keeping my mind agile; but mainly spiritually prepared. This, like exercise and a good diet, must be ongoing and developing. It is not good enough to be “comfortable” in faith. Continue reading Testimony: Ben Wright

Testimony: Fr Toby Lees

Celibacy is another way of living, but ultimately if it doesn’t make you more loving, then it’s going to have a negative effect. It’s about finding how to use those energies in a more loving way for other people and to deepen your relationship with Christ. Continue reading Testimony: Fr Toby Lees

Testimony (and bonus features): Fr Pius Collins

If you want to become a priest to avoid becoming a father, then you shouldn’t become a priest. Being a spiritual father involves many of the same tribulations as being a biological father and, in some sense, fewer consolations. But a priest should have that desire to be a father, quite strongly. It is the first vocation of a man to be a father. Every man must find a way in which to fulfil the vocation of paternity. Continue reading Testimony (and bonus features): Fr Pius Collins

Testimony: Edward Hauschild

The answer came back, “Edward, I want you to be a priest!”. And, sitting there, at 21 years old, I said, “Ok, that’s an interesting thought – do You have anything else? Are there any other options You have for me?” I thought, this is probably just me running away from the fact that I don’t know what I was going to do with my life. But over the years, the call carried on like a drum beat, getting louder and louder. Continue reading Testimony: Edward Hauschild

Testimony: Phelim Kennedy

Over the following months – before we started dating – I did all I could to get myself in order.

I know that a husband and wife are called to bring each other to God. This was a desire I saw in her and something I wanted to be for her. I knew that I needed a woman like her to help me be the best man I could be, and I wouldn’t be the best man I could be if I couldn’t help her to be the best woman she could be. Continue reading Testimony: Phelim Kennedy

Testimony: Jake S.

There were the good men, like my parish priest and my Dad (the spiritual and biological fathers!) as well as other priests, who are not ashamed of their faith and boldly live it out in their everyday life. It is the good men who have made the strongest impression on me. Continue reading Testimony: Jake S.

Testimony Part II: Richard Smith

I met again with Fr Pius several times. Each time, he urged me to ask as many questions as possible, seemingly with a humble radiance of cheerful confidence in the creed of the Catholic faith. Each of his answers provided what seemed like a large chunk of mental closure on topics of life I had been trying to make sense of by myself for the past few years. Continue reading Testimony Part II: Richard Smith

Testimony Part I: Richard Smith

The more I researched Humanism as a movement that arose in response to the perceived shortfalls of Christianity, the more I came to realise I didn’t actually understand what it was that Humanism was responding to. This was what prompted me to show up one day in January 2018 for a church service at my nearest Catholic church. Continue reading Testimony Part I: Richard Smith

Testimony: Matt Livermore

What had really happened – to paraphrase G K Chesterton – was that, when I stopped believing in something, I didn’t believe in nothing, I believed in anything. My philosophy was a mish-mash of eastern religious thought, magical and divinatory techniques, and relativism. In other words, I very much subscribed to a philosophy known as the New Age. Continue reading Testimony: Matt Livermore

Testimony: Matthew Fletcher

What’s helped me learn resilience was physical fitness. Whatever you do to your body will translate to the mind. You train your mind to push past whats uncomfortable, you push it into new territory, the unknown, you push past pain and never give up. This can build mental fortitude in the face of struggle. Building strength is also important to me, everyone needs a strongman. Continue reading Testimony: Matthew Fletcher

Testimony: Aaron D Byrne

As a result of an 8-year relationship unravelling over Christmas 2019, I drove to the edge of a cliff and prayed the Rosary. In that darkest time my prayers were heard, the sun came out and broke through the clouds. I knew that our differences were irreconcilable, things had to come to an end and changes must be made. Continue reading Testimony: Aaron D Byrne

Testimony: Andrew Lockey

I was really committed to this idea of using Black Magik to achieve my aims and goals. It is however at this point that the brakes begin to be gently applied.
Of all my time reading, studying and committing to Magik and the whole Pagan pathway, I never felt, ever, once, that this was real. I never felt a calling. I never felt a single spell actually worked. In order to get my results, I felt I had to get darker and deeper and needed something very powerful on my team. Satan or a Demon. Continue reading Testimony: Andrew Lockey

Testimony: Sam Baker

Raised in a matriarchal ‘Catholic cult’ and lacking in strong male role models, I was on the weak, emotional and self-pitying end of the masculine spectrum. It took the arrival of fatherhood and a restored relationship with my own father to unveil some of the mysteries of authentic manhood, but it took the teachings of the Catholic Church on masculinity and fatherhood to imbue those mysteries with meaning. Continue reading Testimony: Sam Baker