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This is a website for Catholic manhood. Masculinity in this context means placing divinely created and ordered sonship, brotherhood, spousal union and fatherhood at the heart of what it is to be authentically male. This is not just a site for the married Catholic layman, but for the young and old, the single or ordained, and for all of us who have struggled with what it means to be an authentic man. The information here represents the personal views and experiences of Catholic men, covering a range of spiritual and secular topics, but always aiming to adhere to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

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The Crisis of Fatherhood

With reference to the work of Devin Schadt at Fathers of St Joseph

The Problem

One of the most serious crises facing society is the absence of fatherhood.

Children, families, society and the Church are silently crying out for true fathers to re-enter the human drama and to assist God in the mission of saving the world from self-destruction.

Society, including the Church, goes by way of the family, and the family goes by way of the father.

The Cause

At the centre of the crisis of fatherhood is a more profound problem: a man’s loss of identity.

Man has lost touch with his true identity as a son of God, and thus has lost touch with his true created mission. Man knows so little of himself because he knows so little of God his Father. A man’s identity leads not only to his destiny, but also to the destiny of his (future) family or parish and to the destiny of the world.

The Solution

Every man – married, single, religious or lay – must assume his paternal identity as an icon of God the Father, as an initiator of sacrificial love.

In doing so, he will enable his family or parish to receive and achieve its own authentic identity. And, in assuming its identity, the human family can alter, for the better, the world’s destiny.

The Mission

Catholic Man UK & Ireland is committed to helping men discover the sanctity of the vocation of spiritual and biological fatherhood and its ultimate fulfilment of manhood, in order for them to become the fathers God intended them to be.

The mission of Catholic Man UK & Ireland is the restoration, revitalisation and redemption of human fatherhood in these isles, so that human fatherhood once again becomes the icon of paternity that directs the human family to its heavenly Father.

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