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31 December 2020
5 Steps to Exodus 90 in 2021

Back in September, at the last minute, I posted on the Catholic Man UK & Ireland Facebook group whether anyone wanted to undertake Exodus90 leading up to Christmas. I had recently had a heavy evening at the pub and decided it was time for a break from alcohol for a bit. My reasoning was, if I was giving up alcohol, why not accompany it with some other spiritual disciplines too? So what advice would I give to those men thinking of starting out on their own Exodus 90 journey in 2021?

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24 December 2020
On the Masculine Genius

Many attempts have been made to define the feminine, and more recently, the masculine genius. Naturally, this is difficult enough in the contemporary context, so fraught is it with the dualism between the body and the spirit. By contrast, if we begin by looking at the human organism as a whole, we can actually study the physical body and find in it a deeper meaning since “the body and the body alone … makes visible the invisible.”

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27 September 2020
Testimony: Mauro Iannicelli

If you are: (1) a Catholic guy (2) who is currently engaging in pre-marital sexual relationships (3) and/or practicing masturbation (even as a married man) … then I INVITE YOU WHOLEHEARTEDLY TO READ MY TESTIMONY!

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14 July 2020
What is a man? What is a woman?

Our reproductive organs are for being and fully becoming a man and a father and being and fully becoming a woman and a mother. But if those organs are used as pleasure toys, then we forget what they are really for and so we deny and block out being mothers and fathers and we therefore forget what it really means to be men and women.

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24 June 2020
Logan and the Necessity of Fatherhood

Masculinity is essentially and inherently tied to fatherhood. Fatherhood is not an option for a man. It is a requirement. Fatherhood is the purpose for which God created man.

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13 May 2020
The Value of Poverty

Poverty mainly meant a lack of success, or something that many third world countries suffer from, or a life without much meaning due to being in unfortunate circumstances. It meant you couldn’t enjoy the finer things in life.

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