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25 June 2020
St Joseph the Great

When Jesus first said Abba, he meant Joseph. As with all fathers, the vocation of Joseph was to provide for Jesus as seamless a transition from father to Father as possible.

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24 June 2020
Logan and the Necessity of Fatherhood

Masculinity is essentially and inherently tied to fatherhood. Fatherhood is not an option for a man. It is a requirement. Fatherhood is the purpose for which God created man.

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24 June 2020
Fathers, Reflect the Dignity of God’s Fatherhood

The father according to the flesh has in a particular way a share in that principle which is in a manner universal found in God. The father is the principle of generation, of education and discipline.

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23 June 2020
Reclaiming a Father’s Presence at Home

A central measure of a father's manhood is the quality of his presence in the home.

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22 June 2020
A stepfather, adoptive father, and biological father, Thomas More is a model for all dads

Fatherhood begins with a strong commitment to the sanctity of marriage, something More modelled in the most powerful way – by defending the sanctity of marriage even unto death.

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11 June 2020
Testimony: Khenz Rodgers

I was baptised when I was young, though as a teenager I didn’t practice the Faith. I had no thought of going to the Church, or to the sacraments. Although my life seemed fine to me, I became ill during my time at college. After a while, I began to ask questions and one of these questions I sought to answer was, does God exist?

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