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10 April 2020
Behold the Man!

Everything we’ve been taught about what it means to be a successful man, about achieving status, authority and riches is turned on its head by this otherworldly defendant: “If my kingship were of this world”, he says, “my servants would fight that I might not be handed over to the Jews; but my kingship is not from the world”.

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3 June 2019
Traditional Liturgy and Catholic Masculinity

Anecdotally, it seems that the traditional Mass attracts proportionately more men than modern forms of the Mass. Why is it that Catholic lay men in particular are drawn to the traditional Mass? What is there about its form that appeals to Catholic men of our time?

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16 March 2019
Overcoming Lust in an Impure World

All the decorum of the past has been lost. This means that a Catholic man in the modern world cannot rely on simply evading the things that might cause him to succumb. It is an unwelcome fact that impurity and immodesty are so ingrained in the culture as to make complete avoidance unlikely at best, and impossible at worst.

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10 March 2019
Survey of Catholic Men Highlights 'Courage' as Most Desirable Character Trait

Contrary to what one is led to expect from men, there was a respectable amount of self-reflection and identification of personal issues. Attaining an authentic sense of masculinity is important to men. Further exploration is required into the choice of ‘courage’ as a preferred character trait – why do men feel it’s so important? Why might they be lacking it, and what do they feel they could do better once they have it?

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14 February 2019
Chastity: The Masculine Virtue

HENRY WALKER In an age so upside down as our own, any notion of chastity in men is criticised and considered useless, weak or even feminine. It appears that in many areas of life the Truth has been flipped directly on its head. Now it seems that unrestrained indulgence is the manly disposition, rather than […]

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12 February 2019
Is There Such a Thing as Authentic Catholic Manhood?

Why is it that men are created to be fathers? Pope St John Paul II tells us in 'Familiaris Consortio' that human fatherhood is meant to reveal and relive on earth the very fatherhood of God.

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