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29 December 2020
Meaning of Virtue in Thomas Aquinas

The "soul of the soul," as sanctifying grace has been called, must have channels for the deiform life that God confers on the just. They are the virtues, theological and moral, according to their respective purposes

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28 July 2020
Testimony: James Kirkwood

I’d love to say I immediately got down on my knees and sought the Lord. The truth is I hit the bottle and started womanising. Yet remarkably God's hand was on me.

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19 July 2020
Testimony: Andrew McDermott - an Old Soldier and his Walk with Christ

I have had over the years long periods of separation from my wife, and have, in between bouts of fighting cancer, experienced - painful to admit it - a kind of belated midlife crisis, with all the typical desires: to be young and healthy again; to be more active and more popular; to escape the inevitable call of the grave, the one certain thing that waits us all. One other thing that can hit you, as you become a reluctant old man, is a desire for an adventure, a desire to escape the boring, to rage against the new-fangled nonsense of modernity and the bleakness of individualism.

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23 June 2020
Reclaiming a Father’s Presence at Home

A central measure of a father's manhood is the quality of his presence in the home.

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19 May 2020
The place of the 'single life' in the Church is a current issue for many men

With a focus on the Catholic man's vocation of biological and spiritual fatherhood, it is easy to overlook the suffering of the single man, especially in relation to a sense of purpose or calling. Here, we hope to provide a set of resources on the topic, based on articles and subsequent responses posted on the Catholic Man UK facebook members' group in May 2020.

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4 May 2020
Testimony: Jamie P

For the first time, I saw her smile about the Faith. It helped her grieving, knowing how much faith I had that her Nanna's soul had passed on.

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