The Purpose of Human Fatherhood is to Reveal the Divine

11 October 2017


Fatherhood is the essence of authentic masculinity.

Men are biologically predisposed towards fatherhood through their capacity to generate new life. Their sexual drive makes them hardwired to establish their paternity, often as soon as they are able; their specific physical and cognitive talents give them the tools they need to support the consequences of their actions as they raise their families.

Wealth and prowess, though integral and conducive to raising a family, are secondary outcomes of a man's biological capabilities; they are not his primary purpose. No, men have been designed with one innate function in mind: to be a father.

While nature and society have influenced the role of the father, faith acknowledges that fatherhood is directed by a divine hand. Men are meant to be fathers because, through their visible and corporeal presence, they reveal to their children the invisible and mystical fatherhood of God.

Fathers are conduits of God’s paternal presence on earth.

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