Testimony: Connor Berg

I was in Poland on a school trip when I was 17.

We visited Krakow Castle and it happened to be on the day that the cardinal archbishop was ordaining new bishops (or so we were told) – there were so many clergy and nuns about!

Anyway, the choir started and I saw a blinding light in the shape of the cross in the square.

Now I had always been interested in the Church but I wanted to experience life first so the years went by and I “lived” my life but it got to a point a year and a half ago where I wasn’t happy and the Church seemed to be calling me.

I remember the day I looked up at the sky and just asked God to guide me. The next thing, I found myself in Mass and after going to the RCIA for a year I was made a Catholic at the start of Lent – meant to be confirmed on Saturday but that’s been put on hold [due to COVID-19]. I intend to take Leo as my saints name when I am confirmed and aim to use it instead of Connor.

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