Testimony: Khenz Rodgers

11 June 2020


I was baptised when I was young, though as a teenager I didn’t practice the Faith. I had no thought of going to the Church, or to the sacraments. Although my life seemed fine to me, I became ill during my time at college. After a while, I began to ask questions and one of these questions I sought to answer was, does God exist? I did my thinking, investigation reading. I looked at the beauty of nature, seeing design, then over time I began to believe in a Designer. I wanted the truth, and my studies eventually answered my questions. I returned to practice the Catholic Faith.

My Marian devotion when I was younger was very minimal. But, one day when I was work, I met a Catholic lady. She talked to me about the Faith, the Rosary, angels and more. I wrote a poem for her about the Rosary. While I was at work I found a Mass card, just one, it was just left there, and it had a picture Our Lady on it. I went over to the lady to give it to her, but she said it was from Mary for me. 

By the grace of God through Mary, I found my Rosary and I sought to pray those prayers. I was happy, but the devil wasn’t. Once, I was resting, but I had a evil presence approach me, darker the darkness of the room. I remembered a saint's story of a similar occurrence, and I prayed and I went to sleep.

One time I prayed The Rosary in front of an image of The Sacred Heart. The sun was shining through the windows of my room, the light hit marks on the glass of my Sacred Heart image, and it appeared as sunlit tears running down the face of Jesus from the eyes. I was amazed.

I have a better life in The Church due to Mary. I love Her so dearly, I love praying to Her in my needs and struggles. She, as a holy and pure mother, never disappoints.

Ad Jesum Per Mariam

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