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13 May 2020
The Battle Plan for Catholic Man UK

Our primary vocation is towards fatherhood, to become and to act like fathers, in whatever we are called to do. That is why CMUK’s motto is 'agere sequitur esse' – action follows being. We must act according to what we have been created to be.

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12 February 2019
Is There Such a Thing as Authentic Catholic Manhood?

Why is it that men are created to be fathers? Pope St John Paul II tells us in 'Familiaris Consortio' that human fatherhood is meant to reveal and relive on earth the very fatherhood of God.

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11 October 2017
Welcome to Catholic Man UK!

This initiative aims to reach out to Catholic men in the UK - married and single, lay and religious, young and old - in order to encourage fraternity and persistence in the faith.

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5 January 2021
10 Reasons Why You Should Quit Watching Porn

While the evidence may not be scientifically thorough, there’s certainly enough to suggest that porn has a negative impact on our lives.

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5 January 2021
Neuroscience has proved that porn is literally making men’s brains more childish. Seriously.

The very thing in the brain that is the mark of adulthood and maturity is the thing that is eroded as we view more porn. It is as if the brain is reverting, becoming more childlike. “Adult” entertainment is actually making us more juvenile.

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2 January 2021
Pornography and Acedia

The Catholic Church’s teaching on the evil of pornography is anchored in the dignity of the human person and in the intimately conjoined virtue of chastity. Chastity is not (as current stereotypes insist) prudishness, the fearful contempt of sexuality as a “necessary evil,” unavoidable but ultimately subhuman. It is the virtue that both expresses and preserves the dignity of what is a genuine and surpassing good: the dignity of the human person in sexual matters.

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31 December 2020
5 Steps to Exodus 90 in 2021

Back in September, at the last minute, I posted on the Catholic Man UK & Ireland Facebook group whether anyone wanted to undertake Exodus90 leading up to Christmas. I had recently had a heavy evening at the pub and decided it was time for a break from alcohol for a bit. My reasoning was, if I was giving up alcohol, why not accompany it with some other spiritual disciplines too? So what advice would I give to those men thinking of starting out on their own Exodus 90 journey in 2021?

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29 December 2020
Meaning of Virtue in Thomas Aquinas

The "soul of the soul," as sanctifying grace has been called, must have channels for the deiform life that God confers on the just. They are the virtues, theological and moral, according to their respective purposes

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24 December 2020
On the Masculine Genius

Many attempts have been made to define the feminine, and more recently, the masculine genius. Naturally, this is difficult enough in the contemporary context, so fraught is it with the dualism between the body and the spirit. By contrast, if we begin by looking at the human organism as a whole, we can actually study the physical body and find in it a deeper meaning since “the body and the body alone … makes visible the invisible.”

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