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11 October 2017


SignpostThis initiative aims to reach out to Catholic men in the UK - married and single, lay and religious, young and old - in order to encourage fraternity and persistence in the faith.

It's not meant to be a new movement, or to replace membership of other great movements such as the Knights of St Columba or the Catenians. It's more about fostering a sense of belonging, brotherhood and direction, whatever else you may be involved in or whatever stage in life you find yourself. In today's world, it's neither easy being authentically male nor authentically Catholic, and trying to be both at the same time is daunting if you feel isolated from other Catholic men.

I'm not sure what direction this initiative will end up taking. There are plenty of Catholic men's initiatives active on social media in the US, but I hope this will provide more of a UK perspective and character. I also hope it will inspire conversations online and offline about authentic masculinity and being men in the Catholic church today, and that it will encourage the development of men's groups across parishes in the UK

In everything, I ask for the patronage of the Holy Family, especially in the guise of St Joseph the Worker and Patron of Fathers, the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

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